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What is behind GAMINATE?

Experience, passion and the desire to build the world's best functional products brand.

A brand operating in two areas:
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To help you achieve your goals by improving your mental and physical performance.

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In creating the GAMINATE brand, we set ourselves two clear objectives.
Just that and so much more.
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The world's first sugar-free isotonic with all six electrolytes.

The Ultimate Hydration formula is perfectly complemented by all B vitamins, vitamin C, D3 and K2

This combination of features results in the world's best product in the hydration product category.


True to the brand promise, we have created a product that is the best in the world in its category.

The formulation, based on 12 active ingredients with a total weight of 8 grams, places us ahead of market leaders in the USA, UK or Germany.

A product formula designed to increase mental performance. Key benefits include:

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Piotr Tytyk

Social media expert with many years of experience in brand management. Started his adventure in Maspex group with Kubuś and Tymbark brands, then continued his career in Hasbro, managing the category of boys' brands such as Star Wars, Transformers and Nerf. Co-founder of TalentMedia, a YouTube fullservice partner network/agency (now LTTM group). At Gaminate he is responsible for social media strategy and influencer collaboration. Privately a fan of games: Rocket League and the Borderlands series.


Robert Samaruk

Marketer with 20 years of experience in the food products segment (SNN segment, energy drinks - TIGER brand 2010-2012, mineral water). Polish market and Central and Eastern Europe (Marketing Director of the Bulgarian branch of the Maspex Group). Management of brands such as: TIGER, Tymbark, or foreign brands: Queen's, Tedi, Velingrad.
At GAMINATE, he is primarily responsible for marketing strategy, sales and customer experience.
Privately passionate about the NBA, cinema, gaming and dogs.


Marcin Leśniak

For twenty years, he has been involved in developing and launching innovative new products for major food companies in Poland and abroad. He is well versed in every stage of the process - from ideation, recipe development and testing, to production technology.
At GAMINATE, he is primarily responsible for the entire product area and analytics.
Privately passionate about numbers, fitness and Pokemon Go 🙂

Discover the history of our company

idea of gaminate



The product idea and brand Gaminate are created and the company Gaming Supplements is registered. Work begins on the formulation and packaging design.
idea of gaminate
gaminate formula



The Gaminate recipe is ready, meanwhile the first packaging designs are being developed. The company is starting to look for investors willing to support the product launch process.
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The SMOK fund and 2 business angels are supporting the company with a pre-seed investment allowing the first production of the Gaminate product series and the start of preparations for the sales launch.
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The advertising campaign and sales of the brand's first products from the website are taking off. Gaminate also appears on Allegro. The first customers leave their positive feedback, which accounts for the brand's success today.
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One million portions of gaminate


One million portions of gaminate

We have surpassed one million servings of Gaminate sold! Thank you very much to all the customers who have trusted us 🙂
One million portions of gaminate
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Entering a new product category - isotonic drinks.

In line with the brand promise, GAMINATE HYDRATION is the world's best hydration product.
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