Produkty gaminate

The preparation of GAMINATE, as you will see below, is extremely simple.

1. Open the gaminate can krok 1

Inside, in addition to the supplement itself, you will find a special measuring cup thanks to which you can measure out exactly as much powder as you need for one portion of the drink.
Using the supplement in the form of a sachet, all you have to do is open it by tearing off the upper part – in the middle there is already exactly measured 1 portion of GAMINATE.

2. TAKE A FULL, even measuring cup (or 1 sachet) and pour into shaker krok 2

Of course, it’s best to use one of our original shakers (you’ll find them in our store), which are perfectly suited to prepare exactly 1 portion of the drink.

3. POUR 0.5l of cold water into whe shaker krok 3

Optionally – however, we strongly recommend it! – ADD A FEW ICE CUBES, and the drink will be even tastier and more refreshing.

4. Close the shaker and mix it up tightly krok 4

You can drink it all at once, or sip during the game – it all depends on how thirsty you are :).

5. Enjoy the Gaminate krok 5

Enjoy !

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