Is GAMINATE a better product than the energizers? Yes, it is. Let us explain in the following text why do we think so.

Comparing GAMINATE with popular energy drinks is something relatively natural – we often refer to energizers when explaining to someone for the first time what our product is. It makes sense because it is undoubtedly a category to which we are relatively close.

We have a bit in common with energizers, but at the same time, we also differ in many ways.


Using a slightly simplified, but pictorial comparison with the automotive industry – we both have 4 wheels, while the energizers are, let’s say, a standard passenger car, the GAMINATE is a multi-purpose, specialized SUV ☺ – our spectrum of operation and possibilities are much, much wider.

The main function (and in fact the only one, apart from possibly satisfying the thirst) of energizers is to provide a feeling of an inflow of energy and a kind of arousal immediately after consuming such a drink.

The 3 ingredients present there are responsible for this effect:

Caffeine – responsible for reducing the feeling of fatigue

Taurine – extending the so-called standby time

Sugar – giving the illusion of a surge of physical energy

And that’s it when it comes to energizers, their composition and effects – producers of some of this type of beverages sometimes add to their recipes various “good-looking and sounding” ingredients, but there are such a small number of them that their presence there has no other significance than the image – in such quantities, these ingredients have no right to work! It’s as if we were trying to survive by eating only one pea every day ☺

Thus, an energy drink is able to provide short-term stimulation immediately after consumption but ending relatively quickly and relatively often with so-called sugar crash resulting from the specific way the sugar acts on our body.

It is worth mentioning a few words about what this process looks like – namely, sugar getting into the bloodstream causes a rapid ejection of insulin, which tries to “utilize” it as soon as possible. Additionally, the body perceives high blood sugar as a kind of stressful situation and, in addition to insulin, also secretes the so-called the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which make the heart beat faster and increase blood pressure. That is why we feel a kind of agitation immediately after consuming simple sugars.

The intense action of these hormones after several dozen minutes causes a rapid drop in blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to a feeling of weakness, irritability or even headache, which are typical symptoms of this mentioned before sugar crash.


That is why, when constructing GAMINATE, we made sure that there was no sugar in it – the effect of energy flow and its longevity is based on other ingredients and is not limited by the aforementioned sugar crash.

Focusing on the GAMINATE itself, its action can be divided into 2 main phases:

  • Immediately after consumption – consisting in the delivery of long-term (up to 6 hours) energy with the accompanying simultaneous sense of relaxation and increased concentration and focus, which translates into a significant increase in mental performance.

This effect is caused not only by caffeine and taurine, present also in energizers, but also by the entire matrix of ingredients acting synergistically (for example l-theanine, l-tryptophan, l-tyrosine, etc.)

  • Considered in the long term – resulting from supplementation with ingredients present in GAMINATE for a minimum of several weeks.

This action can be briefly called “brain nourisher”, because this is how it works – by providing the brain with the ingredients necessary for optimal functioning (which it often lacks), it is able to permanently improve its condition and allow it to constantly function with the best efficiency, and not only shortly after temporary stimulation with various preparations.

So, to summarize our comparison:

– standard energizers are very simple products, focused on immediate action, based on 3 ingredients, of which sugar also relatively quickly shows opposite effects to the intended ones.

– GAMINATE is a professional product with a complex and much more perceptible effect, based on a matrix of 12 active ingredients interacting with each other (not including a vitamin complex or coconut water that improves hydration of the body).

GAMINATE, just like energizers, provides a feeling of energy flow immediately after consumption, ensuring that this feeling is much fuller and more effective, and does not end after several dozen minutes with a sugar crash, but lasts up to 6 hours.

In addition, it nourishes the brain with key ingredients for its efficient functioning, which the brain often (taking into account our current lifestyle and diet) lacks.

Full information about each of the ingredients can be found here: https://gaminate.pro/en/gaminate-products/

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