So far, we have not mentioned one aspect that is extremely important for our daily functioning, which is MOTIVATION. We also haven’t described yet how GAMINATE can affect it.

The following article is devoted to these issues.

The level of motivation that we feel every day is influenced by many factors, both internal and external. Looking from a purely physiological point of view, DOPAMINE plays a dominant role here.

So, what is DOPAMINE? – it is one of the 5 most important but also the most complex neurotransmitters in our brain.

It plays an important role in many aspects of our physical, mental and emotional life. This is because it affects both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Many of you may have heard that another important neurotransmitter, serotonin, is sometimes called the “happiness molecule”. This is due to the effect it has.

On the other hand, dopamine by analogy is called the “molecule of motivation” because it has a decisive influence on the level of motivation, focus and productivity that accompanies us every day.

Until recently, it was thought that dopamine was mainly responsible for regulating the reward and pleasure system, being released when something gave us satisfaction. However, recent studies show otherwise. It is this neurotransmitter that starts to work much earlier and encourages us to be active and increases the level of willpower and consistency in achieving the intended goal.

What is extremely interesting – research clearly shows that people with a high content of dopamine in the body are strongly motivated to act.

In turn, people with depression have a low level of this neurotransmitter, which is associated with aversion to any activity, fatigue, general apathy or mood swings.

Probably slowly the question comes to you:

– “Okay, but what does GAMINATE have to do with dopamine?”

Well, the precursor, i.e. the compound from which our body produces dopamine, is L-tyrosine. If for some reason – most often it is a lack of supplying the body with an adequate dose of essential amino acids – the level of L-tyrosine remains low, the neurons of the midbrain have no physical means to synthesize dopamine.

This in turn, of course, leads to a reduction in its natural level, and thus to the occurrence of the previously mentioned negative effects.

The level of L-tyrosine in the body can be maintained at an appropriate level through a well-balanced diet, rich in amino acids, among others:

a) phenylalanine, from which the body can synthesize L-tyrosine itself,

b) and L-tyrosine itself,

however, as reality shows – which is related to our current lifestyle – it is unfortunately more and more difficult.

As you probably already guessed, one of the perfect sources of well-absorbed L-tyrosine is GAMINATE, in which you will find as much as 500 mg in one serving.

So, if you are experiencing any of the negative effects of a low dopamine state like the ones mentioned earlier:

a) general apathy

b) permanent fatigue

c) lack of motivation – try to raise your L-tyrosine levels, as this is most likely the cause.

And a surefire way to do that is with the GAMINATE shaker! 🙂

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