In the collective consciousness of various communities, there are often some “truths” that are commonly believed and not discussed, and which, unfortunately, often have little in common with the truth.

We all know examples of urban legends such as black Volga, dog meat in Vietnamese restaurants, etc., but fortunately in civilized societies such legends are deceived over time and no one takes them seriously anymore.

The same must happen in the end with Taurine, which is still a kind of “black volga” among “chemical ingredients”, and which is, after all, a compound without which our body (and being supplied in large amounts) is unable to function.

The only “sin” of taurine, thanks to which this negative perception sticked to it, is the fact that it is added to a certain energy drink …

Nomen omen its name comes from the Latin word Taurus so “undoubtedly” was an inspiration for the creators of the drink, and thus it cannot have anything to do with health … 😉

Returning, however, to the facts – it is worth knowing that taurine constitutes about 1/1000 of our body weight, i.e. in each of us there are several dozen grams of it, despite the fact that it is not a direct building material of our tissues.

These tens of grams of taurine are actively involved in various reactions taking place in many key for our body organs (liver, heart, eyes, muscles and finally the brain)

What is very important is that the body is able to produce only small amounts of taurine, and the rest must be supplied from the outside in food, and its natural sources are, in particular, meat, fish, whey, lentils or peas.

Therefore, by imposing our current lifestyle and the diet used by the average person, it is relatively easy to lead to a significant deficit of taurine in the body, which can have a really destructive effect on its functioning. Therefore, in many cases, additional supplementation with this ingredient becomes more and more often essential, especially among people subjected to considerable physical exertion, because during such the exercises the body uses it quite quickly and is not able to restore its reserves on its own.

However, let’s focus on an organ that is particularly interesting in our context, i.e. the brain and the influence of taurine on its functioning, and in particular on the cognitive processes taking place there.

Taurine is a key compound in the extremely important process of rebuilding, creating new and maintaining existing neurons in good condition. It is the only compound that is able to save dying cells and restore proper inter-neuronal communication, so we are not able to keep our brain in the proper condition and fitness without providing it with an adequate level of taurine.

How important factor for brain development is taurine is the fact that it is a more and more frequent ingredient of baby food, precisely to provide them with the right amount of this ingredient at a time when their brains experience extremely intensive development.

The process of learning and the formation of memory generally involves permanent changes in the structure of neurons, and the process will not proceed quickly and efficiently without sufficiently high levels of taurine in the brain.

The research carried out all the time shows that the long-held view of the irreversibility of shrinkage and death of the brain with age does not have to be true and it is possible to restore the brain to full efficiency by providing adequate taurine supplementation.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in recent years we have found more and more scientific confirmations of the thesis that taurine improves the overall health of the body, and also helps to fight obesity.

Its tangible confirmation can be a very interesting fact – the largest share of taurine in the consumed food is observed among the inhabitants of the Japanese island of Okinawa, which also has the highest percentage of the population over a hundred years old 🙂

And this is what we wish you all!

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And by the way – you will find 1000 mg of taurine in one serving of GAMINATE

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