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Replenish water, electrolyte and vitamin deficiencies in the body.

Product intended for persons over 18 years of age

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3 x Lemon, 3 x Raspberry, 3 x Exotic


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BIDONY - 24,99 zł

For all those who prefer to drink Gaminate from a bidon rather than a shaker.
As much as possible, they are not only suitable for drinking, but also for the preparation (mixing) of the product.

The bidon sits perfectly in the hand and looks good. We hope it will fit in wonderfully with your sports accessories. Its high quality guarantees that it will serve you for many years.

Product features:
750 ml capacity
Rubber mouthpiece

100% tightness
Plastic free of BPA and DEHP
Easy-to-read, embossed markings in ml and oz for accurate measuring and portion control
Dishwasher safe
Manufactured in the European Union
Recyclable product


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A world innovation.... AND WITHOUT A GRAM OF SUGAR!

GAMINATE HYDRATION has a formula that does not occur
in alternative products and as the only isotonic drink in the world
has no sugar in its composition!

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700 ml
700 ml
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700 ml

Why the lack of sugar is so important

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the intake during or immediately after training of simple sugars contained in many hydration drinks by sports people (except perhaps in competitive or professional sports) not only has no justification in terms of improving performance or training efficiency, but actually contributes to ruining the expected results.

For most of us, some of the main benefits of taking up physical activity are improved health and metabolic efficiency by, among other things, reducing our already excessive, toxic calorie balance.

Taking in more than 100 unnecessary kcal in the form of simple sugars in no way brings us closer to achieving this goal.

The simple sugars present in many isotonic drinks also ensure that the isotonic osmotic pressure of the drink, mentioned earlier - optimal for the hydration process - is achieved. At the same time, however, they provide empty calories that are unnecessary for most exercisers.

In the ULTIMATE HYDRATION formula, we were the first to use a unique solution to achieve isotonic osmotic pressure, without the use of sugar, and thus ensure optimal hydration without taking in unnecessary empty calories!

A formula that is not found in alternative products.

A world innovation!

The only isotonic in the world with the following characteristics:

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Electrolytes are ions of six elements: sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. They are fundamental for the proper functioning of the body and for the course of basic reactions such as the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle function, regulation of pH and intracellular pressure.

Even a small deficiency immediately translates into reduced physical and intellectual performance (the nervous system is unable to function properly) and significant deficiencies can lead to sudden death.

GAMINATE Hydration - unlike the vast majority of isotonic drinks, in which you will only find 2 of them (sodium and chlorine in the form of table salt) - provides your body with all 6.

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Vitamins are a group of compounds essential for the proper functioning of the living organism, most of which the body does not
is able to produce on its own and we therefore need to supply it from outside.

The Ultimate Hydration formula includes:

  • B vitamins (all 10 types!) are crucial for, among other things, normal metabolism, nervous system function and energy levels.
  • Vitamin C is important for, among other things, the maintenance of normal energy metabolism and the proper functioning of the
    nervous and immune systems.
  • It also contributes to reducing feelings of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Vit D3 helps, among other things, the normal functioning of muscles and the immune system
  • Vit K2 contributes to normal blood clotting and the maintenance of a healthy skeletal system.


Water = life. It makes up as much as over 60% of the human body, and without an adequate amount of it, it is impossible for all metabolic processes to run properly. It is a universal solvent for electrolytes, compounds formed in metabolic processes, as well as a natural means of transporting nutrients, vitamins and hormones.

Even a relatively small water deficiency (approx. 1-2%) quickly translates into a deterioration in the functioning of most areas of our body, including a noticeable reduction in our physical performance.

The loss of more than 4% of water, in addition to the already pronounced deterioration in physical performance, also leads to a significant reduction in mental performance, which can be accompanied by concentration problems, headaches, irritability, etc.

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Osmotic pressure

identical to blood plasma

within several minutes of consumption

Group 95
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Gaminate Hydration has a molecular pressure identical to that of human body fluids, so it penetrates the body's tissues very quickly, effectively rehydrating them and supplying them with the right amount of electrolytes and vitamins.


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Vector Filip Inglot National Team representative in AG Long-distance Triathlon.Endurance athlete, marathon runner.

In endurance sports, proper hydration is key. GH gives me the confidence that I have taken care of this in 100%



Gaminate Hydration is the ideal product for anyone doing any form of physical activity

It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or an amateur, whether you run, cycle or lift weights.

Proper hydration and maintaining the correct balance of electrolytes and vitamins is always key:

Gaminate Hydration However, it is ideal not only during and after training, but in any situation where you are subjected to elevated temperatures or are at risk of increased water and electrolyte loss, such as:

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you purchase a starter kit of 3 sachets

The starter kit includes 3 sachets or 3 portions of 0.7 L Gaminate. Each is in a different flavour so you can choose your favourite!


You test and evaluate the effects of

You test whether you like the effects and taste of Gaminate by consuming 2 portions from the 2 sachets included in the kit. Leave one sachet unopened.



If you are not satisfied with the performance or taste of the product you send back the sachet you have left by contacting us in advance to get a code for a free return. You can find out more about the programme at terms and conditions of the promotion.

Frequently asked questions

GAMINATE HYDRATION is, in our opinion by far the best isotonic drink in the world! 

As first and only sugar-free while providing:

  • all 6 electrolytes
  • 13 vitamins (all 10B, C, D3, K2)

In doing so, it provides optimum osmotic pressure - identical to that possessed by blood plasma.

It is indispensable for training and any physical activity.

Using advanced knowledge of the processes involved in hydration, we have created a breakthrough product capable of meeting the needs of everyone involved in any form of physical activity - from professional athletes to complete amateurs.

Their needs in terms of hydration are very similar, and what is extremely important, especially for the latter - thanks to GAMINATE HYDRATION they can finally rehydrate optimally without supplying themselves with unnecessary calories from the huge amount of sugar found in standard isotonic drinks. 

Essentially the only thing that GAMINATE HYDRATION has in common with standard isotonic drinks is the following. osmotic pressure identical to that of blood plasma. This pressure ensures that the process of hydration and replenishment of micro and macro elements lost during exercise is optimal.

What is fundamentally different is that Standard isotonic drinks build up this correct osmotic pressure with sugarwhich, in the context of the hydration process itself, is undesirable. In GAMINATE, however, we build up this pressure with the help of other ingredients which are definitely more beneficial from the point of view of the body (large quantities of electrolytes, vitamins and erythritol).

With this, While there is about 30g of sugar in standard isotonic, there is none in GAMINATE HYDRATION. 

This also translates into a huge difference in the caloric load of the two drinks -. There are approximately 130 kcal in a standard isotonic drink, while in Gaminate only 19 kcal.

We also differ in the amount of electrolytes - whereas in standard Isotonic there are generally only 2, in GAMINATE you will find all 6.

Additionally in GAMINATE we have up to 13 vitamins (all 10 B, C, D3 and K2) and in high doses, while the You will find an average of 2-3 in a standard Isotonic.

Hydration - especially optimal hydration - is not only about supplying the body with pure water and replenishing its deficits. It is also - and in the process of hydration carried out in an optimal way, one could say above all - the replenishment of lost electrolytes.

So, in order to turn water - which everyone has in abundance (often for free) - into a perfectly hydrating isotonic drink for the body, you need to add "SOMETHING" containing these electrolytes, and ingredients that create an isotonic osmotic pressure with blood plasma.


This product formulation (a powder that is added to water) also makes it cost-optimal to ensure daily hydration 😊.

The action of GAMINATE HYDRATION is based on satisfying 3 key areas related to any physical activity from the point of view of the correct functioning of the body:

1) Provision of WATER to the body lost during exercise

2) Replenishment of lost electrolyteswhich are key to the functioning of the nervous system, the muscular system and the whole body in general.

3) Vitamin supplementation - especially the important B group (we have all 10 of them) plus C, D3 and K2

The loss of water by the body at a level as low as 2% of body weight leads to a significant reduction in our performance and efficiency, both physically and mentally.

The same is true for the loss of electrolytes, which are crucial for the functioning of the nervous and muscular systems - their deficiency results in an immediate impairment of all key bodily functions.

This is why it is so important to replenish fluids and electrolytes during exercise - this translates into better performance and efficiency during training, and significantly improves post-workout recovery.

In GAMINATE HYDRATION you will find 2 main groups of active ingredients:

1) All 6 electrolytes (sodium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus)

2) 13 vitamins (all 10 B, C, D3, K2)

A detailed description of the ingredients and their effects can be found under COMPOSITION

Electrolytes are ions of six elements: sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. They are fundamental for the proper functioning of the body and for the course of basic reactions such as the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle function, regulation of pH and intracellular pressure.

Even a small deficiency immediately translates into reduced physical and intellectual performance (the nervous system is unable to function properly) and significant deficiencies can lead to sudden death.

GAMINATE Hydration - unlike the vast majority of isotonic drinks, in which you will only find 2 of them (sodium and chlorine in the form of table salt) - provides your body with all 6.

You will find the exact prices of the individual sets directly in the shop, but if you buy, for example, a can of HYDRO PACK (a 666g pack enough for 30 portions), one portion of 0.7 l of the drink will cost you only 0,76 €.

Absolutely not - this is one of the key benefits of our product


As GAMINATE is a dietary supplement, its formulation must comply with the stringent requirements of the legislation on dietary supplements and fortified foods, and it was notified to the Chief Sanitary Inspector before being marketed in Poland.

GAMINATE is produced in accordance with the highest global production standards and the requirements of food safety regulations. The entire process is subordinated to the Quality Management process defined in ISO 9001:2008.

Yes, consumption of GAMINATE is safe. It does not contain stimulant ingredients (such as caffeine), the use of which should be particularly carefully controlled.

It contains vitamins and electrolytes that every healthy person needs to supply their body with food on a daily basis. 

For those with specific medical conditions, who should for some reason limit their intake of specific ingredients, we encourage you to read the product formulation and the dosages of active ingredients that can be found HERE. 

The doses of active ingredients (electrolytes and vitamins) have been selected so as to achieve an optimum effect with just 1 serving of GAMINATE HYDRATION. And this is exactly the amount we recommend - 1 serving per day.


To prepare the drink, you need 700 ml of water, into which you pour a portion of GAMINATE. Then you stir vigorously (several seconds) and you have a product ready to drink. You can use any bottle or one of our bottles or shakers to mix the product. 

We encourage you to read the section: How to prepare GAMINATE? 

The product should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.

The shelf life is 24 months.

Once a can of Gaminate has been opened, we should use it within a period of 2, maximum 3 months. As Gaminate is a very moisture-absorbing product, the conditions in which it is stored after opening can have a significant impact on its shelf life. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not dispose of the humidity-absorbing sachets in the tin, which are there to protect the product once it has been opened.

Each flavour is unique. The product formula is based on a number of professional ingredients that have a specific, slightly salty and so-called 'vitamin' aftertaste. 

We are confident that each of you will find a flavour that suits you 😊

We can already promise that you - as our fans - will influence the next flavours.



Yes. If you would like to try GAMINATE then we have prepared a STARTER MIX kit so that you can test the effects of GAMINATE and choose the flavour that best suits you.


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  • DHL courier


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